Let’s begin where every developer starts, getting something to work locally. Instead of the typical install and and phpinfo check, let’s setup a actual production style environment.

PHP Locally


It’s trivial how setting up a PHP install has become these days. While there are a number of choices from BitNami stacks to MAMP. For Windows or Linux users looking for a one step setup, there is XAMPP. Since I work off OSX, I’m going to download and setup MAMP.

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Introduced in Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 is a custom download of the CSS framework. This is a big help for developers. In case you haven’t checked out Bootstrap, you’re missing out. It’s a great little framework.  Here’s the link to the customizer.

Light Table IDE

Interesting take on the IDE. It’s been a while since there was a new take on the IDE, so you gotta hand it to these guys for trying something a bit different. Take a look at the video below.

Light Table – a new IDE from Chris Granger on Vimeo.

Being a tech junky, I come across a lot of cool web developer tools, ideas, practices and solutions from a wide variety of sources.  However, in my search, there are very few good blogs that are dedicated to aggregating these sources and providing up-to-date trends on web development.  Most are biased for a certain language, technology or community.  This blog sets out to try to bring you the unbiased collection of what’s new with web development, and hopefully show examples of how to use these new tools to help you become a better developer.   Obviously, this is a open-ended conversation, and I hope to find people discussing, and adding new points of view to each topic.


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